Reddit user CristopherDesign made this incredibly detailed 3D model of Onett out of Earthbound and it’s kind of blowing me away.




florida is a godless place. I went there once, got in the ocean, and immediately had to evacuate because a bull shark was swimming right towards me. there was an alligator on the side of the freeway. meth addicts and men on tractors roam free. florida is america’s australia

I grew up in Florida. Please don’t insult Australia like that.





From the "Time’s Arrow" episode arc of TNG.

And that’s fucking Star Trek. That’s Star Trek. That’s it right there. There it is. Star Trek. Optimism and Idealism in the face of rampant bullshit. I wanna stick this up JJ’s craw and smack him with fifty DVD’s of Into Darkness.  I know, I know, this was TNG. But TOS had the same backbone of idealism. 

TNG’s Federation is pristine and happy and magnanimous and good-hearted and pure AND I LOVE IT. 

Ok but if I’m ever doing something you think is shitty let me know?? I probably didn’t mean to!



No one ever stops at the stop sign right in front of my store so I often just walk in front of cars to force them to stop b/c it pisses me off and sometimes I fantasize about pushing my line of carts right into the side of a car that didnt stop SIGH

god same S A M E
I used to care and be really nervous crossing the roads and I would let drivers bully me into crossing when I didnt want to?? (I once got hit by a car because another driver beeped at me and yelled at me to go….)
then I was very “whatever…hope I dont die.”
and now Im just “I DARE you to hit me. I will break your car with the force of my anger and walk away” 
idk why people think theyre above stopping at stop signs
and that rolling stop doesnt count buddy, try again

“I DARE you to hit me. I will break your car with the force of my anger and walk away”

I just get fucking pissed ‘cause I’m like one day a kid is gonna be crossing the street or something and they are gonna get hit because you are too busy talking on your phone to stop at a fucking stop sign so I’d rather you learn from almost hitting me and have me curse out your entire family ten generations past and maybe LEARN before that happens

Also on the other side of the spectrum people who cross like 8 lanes of traffic on a busy road nowhere near an intersection or a crosswalk (50, IT’S ALWAYS ON 50) and almost get hit I’m like WHY??? AND YOU HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD WITH YOU WHY???????



Some pix from the 20th Anniversary Sailormoon art show at Qpop in Little Tokyo // Los Angeles, CA - April 5, 2014

So cool! Thanks for sharing pictures from the art show! These pieces look awesome! (And a random Sailor Uranus cosplayer!)





London Comic Con October 2013 

Hot fucking DAMN Assassins from all over the world and a shitton of different time periods?!

Rifle Assassin in the third gif could get it so hard.




OK, can I say I love this not just because of the variation of time periods and the awesome shooting but because all of the assassin cosplayers are visually different

not only is there a good amount of women in there, but also everybody has a lot of bodily variation and different silhouettes, they’re cosplayers, REAL PEOPLE dressing up rather than video game people or specifically-cast models or actors picked to look a certain way, so we get so much more of an organic variety. 

And it doesn’t matter if ANYONE thinks they don’t look ‘right’, when you’re shot this way, when you work it, when you’re confident, you can be of any body type and you will always look awesome.

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Ok science side of tumblr someone please explain to me why my perception (of self in particular) changes so drastically between wearing glasses and wearing contacts? Like literally I will look at myself and be like oh I don’t look that bad and suddenly I put contacts in and I’m like holy fuck no no no can I go back I don’t like this reality

Why didn’t any of you tell me how great Meet the Robinsons is I feel betrayed because I would have seen it sooner IF ANYONE WOULD HAVE JUST TOLD ME

Oops apparently that Loki/Tony I just reblogged wasnt actually loki/tony but??? Oh well I’ll just imagine it they look similar anyways